Introducing ShieldSync, the ultimate blue light blocking glasses designed specifically for the dedicated gamer. As you dive into hours of intense gameplay, ShieldSync offers the protection your eyes desperately need. Meticulously engineered with the modern gamer in mind, these glasses are not just an accessory but a vital part of your gaming setup.


  • Enhanced Visual Comfort: ShieldSync glasses significantly reduce eye strain and discomfort caused by prolonged exposure to blue light from screens, allowing you to play longer with more comfort.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: By blocking blue light, these glasses help preserve your natural sleep cycle, promoting better sleep even after late-night gaming sessions.
  • Increased Gaming Performance: With reduced eye strain and sharper visual clarity, ShieldSync glasses help you maintain peak performance throughout your gaming sessions, giving you a competitive edge.


  • High-Definition Lenses: Our lenses are crafted with advanced optical technology to provide crystal-clear vision without color distortion, enhancing your gaming experience.
  • Durable, Lightweight Frame: Designed for comfort and resilience, the frames are both stylish and functional, fitting comfortably even during the most intense gaming marathons.
  • Versatile Design: ShieldSync glasses not only protect your eyes but also have a sleek, modern look that makes them suitable for any setting, whether you’re streaming for fans or stepping out for a break.
Weight 30 g
Dimensions 30 × 140 × 40 mm


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